Friday December 11, from 9pm until (very) late.

castillo/corrales is calling it quits! It’s not our well-known love for alliterations that prompts us to write this. This is real. After more than eight years of collaborative work, which, at times, has united a group of almost a dozen active members, the moment has come for us to close doors of our Paris space.

Our last event on Friday December 11th will be an evening of recollections of the wonderful years we have had spearheading castillo/corrales, a project we always thought of less as a space than as an attempt at working and thinking differently. This is what we want to celebrate on Friday and rest assured that this last evening will not be one bleak farewell. There will be contributions by many collaborators and friends, from Paris and elsewhere, that we had the privilege to work with over all these years. There will be music, jokes, and speeches. Some will pay tribute, but others will tease. And maybe there will even be a few crocodile tears. But it’s ok. We’re going to have a good time, we’re going to have a party.
It will also provide an opportunity to disclose some news about the future of our identities besides the space, namely the bookstore Section 7 Books and the imprint Paraguay, which will both continue their activities, but in other premises.

For us, it will stand as a very emotional moment of course, one where we will wonder: where would we be if we had never met?

We’d like to share it with as many persons as possible, basically with everyone who has been a companion of castillo/corrales in some way, whether close or more remote. Join us on Friday evening in the almost empty space of rue Julien Lacroix for the final event of castillo/corrales. It will start at 9pm and last as long as it can.