May 15 – July 11

Opening reception Friday, May 15, from 6 to 9 pm

It’s about time. It’s the right time, and in business, timing is everything. With a newly expanded gallery space and a new business plan designed with the artist and management mentor Joe Scanlan, castillo/corrales is positioned to take advantage of the current economic climate. And it feels nice.

An old friend and shadow consultant of castillo/corrales since its creation, Joe Scanlan is making the trip to Paris to present a new exhibition, and a book, both entitled Red Flags. The book contains four essays on economics that the artist has refracted from original texts by Thorstein Veblen, Joseph Schumpeter, Milton Friedman and Edward Said. The four essays of Red Flags– which reinterpret and rephrase developments about absentee ownership, stagnating markets, colonialism and government subsidies– come at the right time. But these economic arguments have been repositioned in light of Scanlan’s preoccupation with artists’ neighborhoods, Chelsea galleries, tae kwon do lessons, and Jack Kerouac and will be further extended in the form of a multi-part installation. Displayed on a series of supports—a shelf, a pedestal, and a salesman’s suitcase—the book insinuates itself not just as a commentary on, but in fact as an object of, the business of sales.

Slim, elegant, and beautifully designed by Francesca Grassi, Red Flags is the inaugural publication of Paraguay Press, a new development in the activities and the program of castillo/corrales in the form of a publishing department run in association with artist Guillaume Leblon.