Marie Angeletti

Opening on Saturday, March 15th
March 15th/May 10th, 2014

No one’s terribly good at waiting these days. Life is almost like leading a battle over nearly all and almost everything to keep up with a schedule. So for the sanity of everyone, we are going to make this rather brief.

The exhibition Ciao by French artist Marie Angeletti (b. 1984) at castillo/corrales offers a different experience of time, by pointing at moments when time is made distinctive, or by enabling social situations where it is enriched. A late night conversation between old friends where masks suddenly fall off; a puzzling series of emotional happenstances; a long-awaited house party: in the work of Marie Angeletti, the exhibition takes on different configurations where time suddenly stops being an urgent affair.

Ciao aims at producing a less sleek, less inertial kind of exhibition, one that embraces relationships between persons and images, making them carriers of meaning and bestowers of significance.

Ciao opens on Saturday 15th at 6pm at castillo/corrales, Paris and is accompanied by an essay commissioned to art critic Clara Schulmann published as the second issue of our new series castillo/corrales today.