“The Drummer / Le Batteur”, by Portland-based writer and musician Sara Jaffe, formerly from Erase Erata, is a novella about coming of age as a member of an indie rock band struggling with the clichéd touring lifestyle that inevitably goes with it. When ‘your band can’t be (all) your life’.

Edited and designed by castillo/corrales, published on the occasion of “L’Époque, les humeurs, les valeurs, l’attention”, 16e Prix Fondation d’entreprise Ricard, 10 Sept. – 31 Oct. 2014. With Marie Angeletti, Camille Blatrix, Jean-Alain Corre, Audrey Cottin, Hendrik Hegray, and Mélanie Matranga.

Sara Jaffe, The Drummer, 2014
Bilingual: French/English
12 pages, 17 × 24 cm
Imprimé par/ printed by die Keure, Bruges
ISSN: 2272-2130