Support castillo/corrales

The governing principle of castillo/corrales is to operate under low-profit pressure conditions: members work on a volunteer and time-shared basis to keep castillo/corrales free of a strictly commercial logic and unbeholden to the wavering policies of public funding. Since the start, in 2007, castillo/corrales has been a self-sustainable project, thanks to the bookstore revenues, the occasional sales of artworks presented in the exhibitions, some unorthodox undertakings into bar tending and hotel trade, and beginning in 2012, the organization of an artists-supported castillo/corrales Benefit every year.

In 2014, our Third Annual Benefit Event will happen on Saturday, the 29th of 2014, in Paris!:

This year’s edition is a sculpture by Oscar Tuazon, “Hammer,” specially realized for the occasion.
Donate €500 and get the edition, and one of the 150 tickets to participate in this year’s amazing raffle!

There are several ways to support us:

Collectors can buy artworks from the exhibitions that we organize with the most outstanding artists around. Have a look at the available works.

Participating in our annual benefit is not only very much appreciated but also fun and can be very rewarding. Check for yourself: see our past 2012 and 2013 Benefit events.

Giving us a tax-deductible financial contribution of any amount at anytime is the surest way to help us build a new type of art organization. As easy as, one, two, three… Donate now!