OFFICE HOURS at Lost Property, Amsterdam

a one month sign project
opening 15th of August, 9PM

let me know 2 things:
inside of LP the movies are still shown on a TV aren’t they?
well nowadays a flatscreen at the bar in which you can directly plug in a usb-stick

ok so let’s keep Abel Ferrara’s “Go-Go Tales” for this one. It fits the “tonight”. Have you seen it? A story of a strip club run pretty badly by Willem Dafoe, which is dealt with in a rather loose way by Ferrara so that it becomes a funny description and the ups and downs of running an independent structure and trying to make it work collectively. At least it was how it was in my mind when I saw it.
I have it as an avi file.

in what format / on what device do you need the movies ?
avi/mpg/mkv… preferably no mov file. Same as above, usb-stick for the media player. or DVD if you prefer.
I can also bring other stuff you may need from Paris?
cannot think of anything at the moment.

Let me know two things:
-What would you want your light sign to be called?

hum don’t have an idea at the moment

-What will be projected on the wall (if you dont know, that is also fine).

I’m trying to download the boxing game between castillo & corrales, we’ll see (I’ve never tried to watch it)