castillo/corrales BENEFIT 2014

Save the date!! On Nov, 29th of 2014, castillo/corrales will hold its 3rd Annual Benefit Event.

This year’s edition is an original work by Oscar Tuazon, Hammer, a sculpture made of a chisel set in concrete. Realized in an edition of 150, it is offered to all participants in the benefit, in exchange for their generous support.

Donate €500 and get Oscar Tuazon’s Hammer!

The edition comes with a Ticket for the Raffle, set for the 29th.
As in previous years the principle is simple: beside the Benefit edition, your donation may allow you to win one amongst more than 27 amazing artworks given by an exciting cast of international artists.
This year the artists who generously support us are:

Nel Aerts, Marie Angeletti, Camille Blatrix, Isabelle Cornaro, Jean-Alain Corre, Audrey Cottin, Abraham Cruzvillegas, Giuseppe Gabellone, João Maria Gusmão & Pedro Paiva, Hendrik Hegray, Thomas Hirschhorn, Cameron Jamie, Tobias Kaspar, Emmanuelle Lainé, Thomas Lawson, Mélanie Matranga, Jean-Luc Moulène, Marlie Mul, Sophie Nys, Nick Oberthaler, Aude Pariset, Bruno Serralongue, Nolan Simon, Michael Stevenson, Xavier Veilhan, Peter Wächtler, and Jessica Warboys.

Don’t wait any longer to get one of the 150 tickets for this year’s raffle!

Donate €500 / $650 NOW! and become a benefactor of castillo/corrales.
You’ll get the edition by Oscar Tuazon, and a ticket to take part in the raffle.

For your convenience we can deliver an official receipt of your donation for tax deduction; article 200 and 238 bis of French general tax code (CGI).

You can donate €500 or $650 via Paypal following this link:

If Paypal doesn’t work for you, please contact us by phone: +33 183966643 or by email: and we will be happy to discuss another payment method such as wire transfer.

We would like to thank all the artists who have donated an artwork to support us in the raffle.
We would also like to thank Oscar Tuazon for his edition; Oscar was one of the founding membres of castillo/corrales in 2007, and this edition may remind some people of his debuts at the space in 65, rue Rébeval, on what was, or wasn’t, a secluded mountainside, amongst trees and bushes.
Last, our thanks go to our incredible support committee: Florence Bonnefous, Niklas Svennung, Jocelyn Wolff, Daniele Balice and Alexander Hertling; as well as Colette Barbier, for her generous help this year.