Multi-city double launch

Celebrating two new publications by Paraguay Press

A BOOK ABOUT What’s more to life than books

METAL IDEAS The Social Life of the Record #2

MUSIC Live / Tape


DRINKS Butcher’s Tears

TALK Skype conference

The Social Life of the Record: Metal Ideas
The second installment of our series The Social Life of the Record, edited by Felicia von Zweigbergk, founder of Amsterdam-based structures Lost Property and Butcher’s Tears, deals with the influence of music on emotions and experience, and the relations between musical and power structures, listening to Muzak, Diderot, or Penderecki.


A Book About – What’s more to life than books
A reflexion on the matter of printed matter, co-published by Art Metropole (Toronto) and Publication Studio (Portland).
This book is a lexicon of some sort, that gathers thoughts and notes about independent publishing nowadays, co-edited by Benjamin Thorel et Corinn Gerber, with the participation, amongst others, of FEED and Åbäke.
The transatlantic book launch is an incredible occasion to involve live, contributors based on different cities: Paris (8 PM), Montreal (2 PM), Portland (11 AM). Early drinking allowed, with moderation.