METRONOME No. 11 (What is to be done? Tokyo)

A Conversation between Clémentine Deliss, Joanna Fiduccia and Benjamin Thorel

2 Nov 2007, 7 pm

On November 2nd, at castillo/corrales, Clémentine Deliss, publisher and editor of Metronome, was trading stories, hints, tools, thoughts and afterthoughts on the research that led to the latest issue of Metronome published in collaboration with documenta 12. Produced in Tokyo over a period of one year, Metronome No.11 questions mobility and translation in art and asks: what might the future faculties of knowledge for a new independent art school be? It investigates the conditions for autonomous dynamics of research and production in art and science, and looks at the constitution of self-formed or proto-institutions in relationship to local contexts and activist education. Metronome questions their back-stage presence in the contemporary art world and their resistance to growth and expansion in a time where visibility constitutes the dominant horizon for most art practices and projects.

Metronome No.11 rethinks intellectual exchange and shared investments in art, new modalities of teamwork, conversations, think-tanks and symposia.

The conversation with Clementine Deliss was conducted by art critics Joanna Fiduccia and Benjamin Thorel.

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