Thursday October 21, from 6 to 9pm

Thursday October 21st will be three days already into the FIAC, the art fair taking place in Paris this week. It happens every year, and we know how it goes. The first couple of days are exciting, there is a lot to see in the fair, and many acquaintances to greet and to congratulate. But by the third day, things aren’t looking as crisp, and it’s time for a different setting for art, it’s time for a change of atmosphere.
On Thursday October 21st, from 6 to 9pm, castillo/corrales will welcome you in its gallery/bookshop space on the hills of Belleville for an authentic evening of art and poetry, on the occasion of the release of Paraguay Press latest publication: Parrot, by Swedish artist Karl Larsson.
Larsson is simply one of the most interesting artists today – and quite certainly a future fixture of following Fiacs (that’s a nice one). His new book Parrot can be described as an artist’s essay in the fullest sense: aphoristic, poetical, comedic and surprising, it challenges theoretical and historical categories. It stems from research conducted by Karl Larsson “on” Marcel Broodthaers, focusing upon the problem of language and the place of poetry in the work and the myth surrounding the late Belgium artist.
On Thursday, Karl will read, talk, maybe perform; drinks will be served, cigarettes will be smoked, and it will feel nice to be on the street again.
More information on Parrot