For c/c, all the best, Pierre


Admittedly, this is where it can get a little confusing sometimes.

castillo/corrales was founded in 2007 by Thomas Boutoux, Boris Gobille, François Piron, Benjamin Thorel and Oscar Tuazon as a shared-office space and collectively-run project with a commercial bent. At first freewheeling and conducted in a spirit of self-organized anarchy in the pocket-sized space of 65 rue Rébeval, castillo/corrales grew over the years into a more classic — though no less chaotic — private non-profit organization structure and curatorial collective.

In the meantime, some of the founders relocated elsewhere and new members have stepped in, making castillo/corrales a continually changing and self-inventing project. Today, the activities of castillo/corrales are overseen by Thomas Boutoux, Antonia Carrara, David Douard, Marie de Gaulejac, Laure Giletti, Joachim Hamou, Egija Inzule (at large), Martin Lahitete, Julien Laugier, Hélène Minoux, François Piron, Roman Seban, Benjamin Thorel, and Eleanor Ivory Weber.

Interns: Deborah Birch
Former assistants & interns: Kathleen Freewind, Claire Fox, Emilie Parendeau, Montana Mathieu, Eleanor Weber, Naima Saidi, Justina Zubė, Margaux Paturel, Sarah Holveck, Signe Frederiksen, Loraine Furter, Justina F. Žukauskaitė, Axelle Villin, Lydie Essayan, Julia Dupont, Ashley Giahn, Mona Varichon, Bérénice Béguerie, Areum Kang, Giulia Tognon, Pauline Rotsaert, Philémon Hervet, Max Hammar, Sarah Wjuniski.

Board of Directors:

Florence Bonnefous, President

François Piron

Jason Simon

Jamie Stevens

C/C Benefit organizing committee:

Florence Bonnefous
Niklas Svennung

Jocelyn Wolff