Saturday March 27, 6-9pm

Saturday afternoon, when the sun is still well in the sky in Paris, Falke Pisano and Will Holder will start talking about how their longtime conversation shaped Figures of Speech – Pisano’s new artist book, just published by JRP Ringier/Christoph Keller Editions, that Holder edited and designed.What does the book form produces in relation to the characteristic circulatory nature and dynamic of Pisano’s work? Does it freeze it, slow it down, or put it further into motion? And how does it relate to Louis Zukofsky’s famous (and marxian): “Infinite is a meaningless word: except – it states / The mind is capable of performing / an endless process of addition.” Seriously.
The book will also be discussed in regard to two other outstanding publications that Will Holder edited and designed recently, almost concurrently: For the blind man in the dark room looking for the black cat that isn’t there (2009), the companion book for the eponymous exhibition curated by Anthony Huberman, and The Otolith Group: A Long Time Between Two Suns (2010). It’s a triple release party in a way, and most likely, when we’ll say goodbye, the sky will be completely dark.