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Who said that there’s only one pattern of gentrification, in which spaces like c/c play a major, horrendous, subservient, unthinking role?   Xavier CAPODANO?

My So-Called Life

E-mailing list

  castillo/corrales is now closed; its mailing list as well.

Ugh, this website isn’t working for me… Can I talk to someone instead?

  Yes. General inquiries should go to while  the bookstore can be contacted at and the publishing house at

“In the heart of Paris, located in fabulous Belleville…”

This ever happened? We are open to the public Wednesday to Saturday, from 2pm to 7pm, and by appointment. That’s where it all happens now: 80, rue Julien Lacroix, 75020 Paris. That’s where it all happened back in the day, rue Rébeval: And this is how it looks now… Who said that there’s only one […]


The Artists Space castillo/corrales Internship Program provides a unique opportunity for individuals to be involved in the development and execution of a progressive and engaged contemporary arts program in NYC Paris, France. The internship is designed to offer in-depth training and first-hand experience to those interested in pursuing a role in the fields of curating, […]