Contre-Histoire de la Séparation

The book Counter History of Separation is based on the eponymous film by Etienne Chambaud and Vincent Normand (52min, 2010), which it translates in the space of the book. The voice-over in the film has been made into a one-edition book, which was rephotographed according to the technique the authors used to make the film. […]

Nazi Knife – Puro Ódio

Started as a xerox zine, a saturated compilation of drawings done by amateurs, musicians or comics authors, Nazi Knife explored, in its more recent issues, some more singular editorial approaches: the publication seen as a library, as a collection of motley elements, where raw materials, symbolic references or cultural products could be combined, or as […]


Soleil politique is a book conceived by curator Pierre-Bal Blanc, in dialogue with graphic designers Vier5 and Paraguay; it dwells on the exhibition that he organized at Museion Bolzano in 2014. In Soleil politique, Pierre Bal-Blanc, the former director of CAC Bretigny and now a member of the curatorial team of documenta14, examines the exhibition’s […]


Monostiches/One-line Poems is a publication conceived by Emmanuel Hocquard and Claude Royet-Journoud in 1981, originally published in 1986 by Raquel, in the first issue of the journal she was the editor of, Notes. It gathers more than 100 poems—original for most of them—written mainly in French or English, all only one sentence-long (plus a title). […]


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Aube, by French artist Clément Rodzielski, is an unconventional publication: the book was conceived as a work of its own, from a luxurious range of editorial operations – from cutting to digital process, collage and scan to drawing – on images of the artist’s past works. Aube thus reconsiders the legacy of the artists’ book […]


LISA ROBERTSON and MATTHEW STADLER (Eds.) Co-published with Publication Studio, Portland, Revolution: A Reader collects texts from across many cultures and times and organizes them roughly along a chronology of living, from “beginning,” to “childhood,” “education,” “adulthood,” and “death.” The book brings the embodied fact of revolution into the lived present by engaging readers with […]


My epidemic (texts about my work and the work of other artists) is the first anthology of writings by the French artist Lili Reynaud Dewar. The oldest text in the book dates back to 2003 – but was until now unpublished – whereas the most recent one is still to appear in the forthcoming issue of […]


CAMILLA WILLS (ed.) MORGAN COURTOIS, STANYA KAHN, ALLISON KATZ, KAYA (Kerstin Brätsch and Debo Eilers), RACHEL KOOLEN, JUSTIN LIEBERMAN, FRANCE-LISE MCGURN, JAMIE PARTRIDGE, LAETITIA PAVIANI, VALERIE SNOBECK, AMELIE VON WULFFEN, ELEANOR WEBER (contributors) Love Your Parasites is a picture book that recognizes the “co-suffering parasite” through the lens of the motif in different art practices. […]