Thursday, November 15 to Saturday, November 17

— auction sale with Richard Kostelanetz —

From Thursday to Saturday, will be on consultation at castillo/corrales an almost integral collection of Richard Kostelanetz’s books, prints and videos, brought by the author in person!

An artist, a poet and a writer, Kostelanetz published more than sixty books that range from concrete poetry and experimentation with narrative forms, to critical essays and a historical analysis of artists’ lives in SoHo, not to mention books on/with John Cage.

On Saturday evening, at 8 PM, Richard Kostelanetz will sell his books on the course of an auction event he will lead.
Only one copy of each books will be made available!
With the possibility of getting them signed by the artist, of course.

This presentation takes over elements from the exhibition “Openings & Closings – The Richard Kostelanetz Bookstore” that was organized at Kunstverein Amsterdam 

Thanks to Yannick Bouillis, Maxine Kopsa and Alexis Baghat.