“Dear Fatty,

It’s been ten long years since you’ve been gone. It is just fair and I would not want it any other way and it is very kind of you to allow me the sporadic contact through my resumé letters. So this one is written for you in the wee hours of a silent morning within peacetime:

Here winter is falling, almost all of the trees in “our” alley lost their leaves and the ice-cream man already started off on his seasonal homecoming to the real Venezia two weeks ago. I am expecting the first freezing nights from next Friday on. And yes, the sea prepares for a frosty half-a-year solitude without surfers and squeaking bathers but with abandoned promenades inhabited only by shit-eating seagulls. Of course the big grey ships are still out, but they do not care at all. When I imagine the technical progress in these shipbuilding industries, it leaves me impressed and scared. Then again, by now folks have been sailing the iciest seas of this watery globe for centuries. So we too went for the beach yesterday: Conny, me, and the kids. (…)”

Thursday, May 3 at 8 p.m. / Jeudi 3 Mai à 20h

Peter Wächtler reads short stories about Frank Blue Wolf, Fatty, Joker and C A R L O S.

Peter Wächtler travaille entre Bruxelles et Berlin, et a publié en 2011 The Set (Etablissements d’en Face/SIC) récit du tournage du film Walkyrie (où Tom Cruise menait un complot contre Hitler) depuis le point de vue d’un figurant en uniforme. Son exposition “Das Kino im Alten Mühlenviertel” est présentée en ce moment à la galerie Lars Friedrich à Berlin.